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Oct 19, 2013 Internet Speed in Different Countries – Net Speed Internet speed varies per country. In the table, you can see the top 10 countries for having the fastest internet speed in the world, USA who invented the internet, our beloved country, Philippines and Libya who has the slowest internet connection in the world. We used the Akamai’s update on the State of the Internet for the year 2014. Top 10 Countries with Fastest Internet Connections in the Nov 11, 2013

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Looking for the Best Wi-Fi? These Countries Have It, Free

Huge sums of money have been invested in projects that connect the billions of people who lack an internet connection. These schemes tend to present digital connectivity as a mechanism to achieve

History of the Internet - Wikipedia The history of the Internet has its origin in the efforts to build and interconnect computer networks that arose from research and development in the United States and involved international collaboration, particularly with researchers in the United Kingdom and France.. Computer science was an emerging discipline in the late 1950s that began to consider time-sharing between computer users and Connecting Africaa - Internet: Africa starts to open its There is a direct relationship between internet penetration and development. And there will be a greater impact if educational institutions' connectivity improves. Access to internet resources is