For those, who are in trouble finding "Host-only Networks" tab in File->Preferences->Network.. After the version VirtualBox 5.2.0, there are some changes with the location of "Host-only Networks" tab.

A fórum fő szervezőeleme 2007 októberétől kezdve nem a verziószám, mivel a kérdések többségének csak egyszerűen egy jellemzője a sok közül az Ubuntu Linux verziója – általában a kérdések témája sokkal lényegesebb. Novità e aggiornamenti Comunicazioni di gestione del forum o della comunità italiana di Ubuntu ai visitatori e agli iscritti. Leggere eventuali nuovi messaggi. Systemverwaltung, Installation, Aktualisierung; Vor der Installation und grundlegende Fragen. Hier werden Fragen rund um die bevorstehende Installation von Ubuntu beantwortet. Gnome. Solicite aqui suporte referente ao ambiente gráfico Gnome, incluindo as interfaces Unity e Gnome-Shell. O lugar perfeito para ajudar a comunidade e tirar suas dúvidas sobre configuração, utilização e sobre os programas exclusivos do Gnome. Forum βοήθειας και υποστήριξης για το Ubuntu Linux Ubuntu Forums. 1,001 likes · 27 talking about this. The Ubuntu Forums represent many people's first meeting with Ubuntu. They are an important resource for support and social interactions. The Ubuntu The meeting point for the Ubuntu community. This category is for announcements related to Ubuntu in general and this site in particular.

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Here is a list of basic Ubuntu commands which is of daily use and safe to use. Add sudo before whenever admin privilege is required. Don’t forget to change with real ones. apt-get update This command will update your package lists.

Ubuntu forum breach traced to neglected plugin The popular vBulletin forum software was current, but administrators had forgotten to update an add-on