Canada Set For Mass BitTorrent Lawsuits, Anti-Piracy

Ineffective laws that lag behind international standards have made Canada a hot spot for online piracy and copyright infringement, according to a group of rights holders that has again placed this Do you know the data laws for your business in Canada? Sep 29, 2016 How Canadian law views online streaming video: Geist | The Jan 16, 2015 Canadian Privacy Laws and the Canadian Cloud: A Primer for

Canadian artists such as The Tragically Hip, Jann Arden, and the Barenaked Ladies take issue with the prevalence of music file-sharing. In 2003, Madonna took aim at file-sharers by deliberately uploading a spoofed file of her release, American Life, in response to the number of music fans sharing her music.

However, a critical 2004 Supreme Court decision, CCH Canadian Ltd. v. Law Society of Upper Canada, gave fair dealing a lot of extra clout, calling it a user right instead of just a defence. It’s a decision that still rankles with many in the strong-copyright camp. the state of file sharing and canadian copyright law The recent Federal Court of Appeal music file sharing case , in which the court rejected the Canadian Recording Industry Association’s attempt to uncover the identities of 29 alleged file sharers, raises important privacy and copyright issues. Jun 19, 2020 · The Canadian government has proposed several copyright amendments that would serve to crack down on file sharing, preventing Internet users from freely swapping music, books and movies online.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the U.S.-Canadian Canadian issuers are not required to use the MJDS and may file their annual reports with the SEC on Forms 20-F or 10-K in order to become a WKSI. Utilizing any of these two approaches, however, will subject a Canadian issuer to the burden of complying with an Family Law in Canada | The Canadian Encyclopedia