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Linksys E3000 User Guide The E3000’s built-in media server streams music, video and photos from an attached storage device to any UPnP-compatible media adapter or player . A variety of security features help to protect your data and your privacy while you are online . Security features include Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) security which provides DD-WRT » Other Downloads Latest DD-WRT Releases. To obtain the matching version for your router please use the Router Database: » Router Database OpenWrt Project: Linksys E3000 The Linksys E3000 is based on the same hardware as the Linksys WRT610N v2.0 with changes to the CFE and a larger NVRAM block. The E3000 is based on the Broadcom 4718 cpu running at 480MHz. It has 8 MB flash (MX29LV640EBTI) and 64 MB SDRAM (H5PS5162FFR). Cisco-Linksys E3000 Wireless-N Router -

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Linksys E3000 -- flash with DD WRT : DDWRT Linksys E3000 -- flash with DD WRT. Hello, I have a Linksys E3000 that I came by for free. I flashed it with the latest firmware from Cisco/Linksys, but I would love to get it on DD WRT. Unfortunately, I've never done DD WRT before, and I really would like to avoid bricking. I've been reading the DD WRT forum announcements and it all looks

Look up the E3000 in the Router Database In place of the E3000 Trailed Initial Flash Build that is now a dead link, use the E3000 v1 Firmware - Webflash image from the router database. Then you can flash to any of the other firmwares listed in the router database. DD-WRT MEGA - LINKSYS CISCO E3000 GIGABIT E3000 w/ DD-WRT & Ethernet Cable Includes: E3000 flashed with the best build of DD-WRT for the router Ethernet Cable AC Adapter (we have both 110V-120V USA Adapters and 110V-240V International AC Adapters, we ship based on your address, or ask us if you have questions) This item is for a router that has been flashed with DD-WRT firmware. DD-WRT advantages - The Silicon Underground Sep 27, 2017