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Jan 31, 2019 How to know whether a protocol uses TCP or UDP - Network But it may be that there is a TFTP implementation that uses TCP, and if so, I'm afraid I have no exposure to it. Domain Name System (DNS) is traditionally the protocol referred to when discussing protocols that use both TCP and UDP. It doesn't use these at the same time, mind you. But different functions within DNS might call for TCP vs UDP. TCP vs. UDP: Understanding the Difference Dec 17, 2018 System Configuration Guide for Cisco Unified


FTP uses TCP (reliable transmission). Errors are handled by the underlying TCP layer. TFTP uses UDP and thus no connections. Errors in the transmission (lost packets, checksum errors) must be handled by the TFTP server. Protocol algorithm Transmission of data and control information is handled by the underlying TCP layer. Serva - Protocols

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Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) (RFC 1350) UDP. 69. TFTP offers a method of file transfer without the session establishment requirements that FTP uses. Because TFTP uses UDP instead of TCP it has no way of ensuring the file has been properly transferred, the end device must be able to check the file to ensure proper transfer. Handy TCP/IP Server/Client Tools download | SourceForge.net Oct 27, 2015 TFTP with Wireshark - Infosec Resources