NTT GIN is committed to excellence in operating our global network and as such on March 25, 2020 – NTT GIN will perform RPKI based BGP Origin Validation with invalid is reject EBGP routing policies. Q: What is BGP Origin Validation and what are RPKI ROAs?

Location: United States - is a likley static assigned Cable/DSL IP address allocated to NTT. Learn more. Jun 22, 2015 · Every night for the past 2 weeks the interconnects from ATT.Net to 7 75ms 22/ 100 = 22% 0/ 100 = 0% [] are totally oversubscrib NS. List of Routing Registries. This list was designed for the Internet community. It enables users to coordinate their Routing Registry efforts by providing mirroring and contact information.

Packet Loss issues with * hops I've been getting non-stop packet loss since the server move and its making the game unplayable. I'm an east coast player and I'm really upset you didn't move the servers to a more centralized location of the US.

Your current IP Address: Specify an IP Address (IPv4 or IPv6) Specify FQDN Domain Services. Transfer your Domain Consolidate your domains quickly & easily; Free with Every Domain Get over $100 worth of free services Lookup '' from Registrar = Tucows Domains Inc. Date de creation = 1995-08-21T04:00:00Z Date d'expiration = 2021-08-20T04:00:00Z

So far today, there have been 1,536 IP address and website location searches in addition to yours. The information on is presented based on your search that included the suffix of Ntt. For more information on, you can visit the Ntt site or IP directly. has address mail is handled by 10 mail is handled by 10 Here you can find all lookup results for public IP address owned by NTT.This includes the type of address, DNS lookup information, ISP and location details. NetRange: - CIDR: NetName: NTTA-209-157 NetHandle: NET-209-157-0-0-1 Parent: NET209 (NET-209-0-0-0-0) NetType: Direct Allocation OriginAS: Organization: NTT America, Inc. (NTTAM-1) RegDate: 2000-11-15 Updated: 2012-03-02 Comment: Comment: Reassignment information for this block is Comment: available at port 4321 Ref: https://whois The packet loss is occurring in what looks to be a router in Miami, Florida ( Our network ends in Chicago, IL … In order for a ping to work: 1. Every network hop between you and the instance has to allow icmp packets. You can check this by pinging,, etc. 2. The EC2 firewall for the instance has to opened to icmp packets using the ec2-authorize command.