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The C standard specifies that a C file should end with a newline (C11,, 2.) and that a last line without a newline yields undefined behavior (C11, J.2, 2nd item). Perhaps for historic reasons, because some vendor of such a compiler was part of the committee when the first standard was written. The problem with this is that you can no longer call get_line() on two different files at the same time. For example, if you did this: get_line(fd1, &line1); get_line(fd2, &line2); Then the second get_line() would actually read characters from the first file descriptor, because you have buffered its contents in the static buffer. Reallocation End of the Line Firearms End of the Line Firearms End of the Line Firearms. Home; About Us; Shop; Concealed Carry ; 704-239-7356. Shop Now. 704-239-7356. Shop Now The newline at the end of the line is NOT read into s; If the end of the line is encountered, then get_line automatically calls skip_line ; If the line has exactly the number of characters in the string, skip_line is NOT called and must be called explicitly. Notice that the put_line outputs a slice of the string. 24 July 2020. A-COLD-WALL* x Dr Martens Zip-Up Leather Boot. Black $275. 25 July 2020. Off White x Air Jordan 4 Retro

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That depends on your needs. Presumably you're looping through a file using fgets to get each line. If you capture the return value from fgets you'll know when you're at the end of the file, and using the above code you'll know if that last line ended with '\n' or not. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the question: if so then please add more detail to the question. – pb2q Aug 22 '12 at 20:09 how to detect end of line - C Board Mar 09, 2011 C++ Files / End of Line - C++ Forum

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