unfortunately you can't stream now tv through the phone app to Apple TV, however you can login to Apple TV with the now tv app. If you're apple tv3 it should already be there and if you're apple tv4 you just need to download it from App Store and login.

How To Get NOW TV On Your Device Step-by-step guides on how to set up NOW TV on all supported devices, including PC, Mac, Android, Xbox, PS4, LG TV, Samsung TV and more. Now tv on LG smart tv - NOW TV Community I have updated the app on my LG tv and now I get a screen with Benedict Cumberbatch face and listing the benefits of NOW tv. The close button for this screen doesn’t seem to work so I am a little stuck. I have an active now tv sports pass How to download apps on LG Smart TV How to download apps on LG Smart TV. Once you have verified the successful connection to the Internet of your Smart TV you can begin to download the applications within the same. The procedure is really simple from the moment you just have to take advantage of the digital store of LG Smart TV, called LG … How To Download & Add Apps On LG Smart TVs | Screen Rant

LG is bringing Apple TV to its 2018, 2019 and 2020 smart

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Hi I am.unable to get hotstar app in the LG content store on my LG webOS version 05.30.85.How can i install the hostar app? Jump to content LG webOS Smart TV App Questions

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