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The Exede satellite links your computer to the Internet at a very high speed. Your Exede equipment connects your home or small office much times faster than a dial-up connection.One 26" satellite minidish and a small modem are all you need. The Internet Accessing the Internet at high-speeds opens up a Exede world full of information and entertainment. . You will now be able to surf the Web at Exede's New Satellite is Up! Jun 29, 2017 Exede Sales - Packages

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The WB-1 and Anik F-2 satellites which provide Exede 5 service in some portions of the country are located at 111.1 W. ViaSat-1 which provides the Exede 12 service is located at 115.1 W. ViaSat-2

Satellite Internet Comparison of Exede and HughesNet Satellite Internet Comparison of Exede and HughesNet. After we conducted a thorough analysis of satellite internet companies, two clear winners ranked best for 2017 -- HughesNet and Exede, with HughesNet coming in first place. However, our work was not complete. We really wanted to investigate these two satellite internet providers and see how Viasat Review 2020 | Wirefly