SQLite: How do I save the result of a query as a CSV file

Nov 05, 2011 SQLite - C/C++ - Tutorialspoint C/C++ Interface APIs. Following are important C/C++ SQLite interface routines, which can suffice … sqlite3 | Android Developers Dec 27, 2019 An Essential Guide to the SQLite IIF() Function

The dump should be in SQL format, as it should be easily re-entered into the database later and should be done from the command line.

Jun 05, 2017 · Posted June 5, 2017 By jtittle1. @alexeps2014. The easiest way would be to use .dump, for example:. sqlite3 dbname.db .dump > dbname.bak You can either cd in to the directory where the database is, or call the direct path during execution. Returns an iterator to dump the database in an SQL text format. Useful when saving an in-memory database for later restoration. This function provides the same capabilities as the .dump command in the sqlite3 shell. Example:

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SQLite - CREATE Database - Tutorialspoint The above command will convert the entire contents of testDB.db database into SQLite statements and dump it into ASCII text file testDB.sql. You can perform restoration from the generated testDB.sql in a simple way as follows − 11.13. sqlite3 — DB-API 2.0 interface for SQLite databases Module functions and constants¶ sqlite3.version¶ The version number of this module, as a string. …