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Time Warner Cable internet super slow today? (Charlotte Nov 21, 2008 Why Your Internet Speeds Slow Down at Night | Allconnect.com Feb 26, 2019 Anyone else getting slow internet speeds with Oceanic Satellite internet is really slow with long latency (lag) due to the 44,000 mile roundtrip of the signals. If you ever go on a cruise ship you can experience it. I am on Maui also and got fed up with TW Oceanic roadrunner a few years ago -- slow, disconnects, poor repair service, etc. Got Hawaiiantel dsl at 15 mb/s with landline phone for about These places have the slowest internet in the country

We are teaching online this fall and need stable internet - either fix it or stop charging us so much for it! ? 2020-07-19 00:00:43 @FairyTransFathr Hey @Ask_Spectrum, been having a lot of issues with my modem lately, it keeps disconnecting at random times 3+ times a day, getting kinda tired of paying for services that don’t work properly.

May 17, 2019 · Before you call tech support, check out some typical problems that may be causing your internet connection to slow down during the day. What are some of the common culprits? A decrease in internet speed happens more frequently during the evening: most users are online during the time from 7-11 p.m. known as “internet rush hour.” However, a Because everybody and their Great Aunt Hannah is online at the same time now, trying to cope with the boredom of Shelter-in-Place by binge-watching all the shows the Streaming Services used to charge for but are putting up for free since the Lockd

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