We have two sites, connected via fibre and we want to create a VLAN trunk across and order to expand the broadcast domains to te other site. The IDIOT carrier, has a limitation on the number of MAC addresses they allow on the fibre service, 100. Ok, you got me stumped. Never heard of a carrier to put a cap on the number of MACs.

RouterOS Bridge and Vlan Configuration for CRS devices on Jan 26, 2019 Intro to Networking - Introduction to Virtual LANs (VLANs The definition and usage of the term VLAN Tagging varies greatly depending on what hardware vendor is used. In order for 802.1Q compatible hardware to identify what VLAN a data packet belongs to, an 802.1Q Header is added to the Ethernet frame which specifies the VLAN ID. This VLAN ID tag may be added or removed by a host, a router, or a switch. cAP ssid issue with trunk to router : mikrotik

Dec 12, 2016

Jun 02, 2015 · We have Mikrotik Router which is acting as a DHCP and PPPoE Server as well. and we want to isolate the different network areas by breaking them in smaller segments. Each area will get different IP series from the mikrotik dhcp server. In this example following ports are used for Mikrotik = Port 1 [as TRUNK port] Mar 20, 2018 · If you wish to create VLANs for your local network, you have to configure a manageable switch where there will have access ports and trunk port. Connect your MikroTik physical interface on which VLAN is created to your switch trunk port and connect your user to access ports. Then, you will be able to create a VLAN network with MikroTik properly. 802.1Q Flow Chart in RouterOS Start Accept 802.1Q? Create trunk bridge Add port (interface) to trunk bridge Create vlan on trunk interface Create

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Sep 19, 2017 Basic VLANs with SwitchOS – RFC The switch config (only the VLAN specific setting will be shown): The switch will have the SFP port configured as a Trunk port to communicate to the router. Each of the 5 switch ports (Ether1-5) are taking the host’s untagged traffic and tagging it so that it can exit the trunk port and reach the appropriate VLAN interface in the router. Mikrotik - Cloud Router Switch - Switch Chip VLANs - IT Mar 24, 2017 Mikrotik - HP 1810G-24 VLAN - Spiceworks Jan 02, 2013