AirVPN is a VPN service known for its advanced solutions and great performance and speed. It uses the latest encryption technology, offers complete anonymity, protects you from DNS leaks, and brings you a range of useful features. Doesn’t keep any logs; Allows P2P sharing; Unlimited bandwidth; Offers a 3-day free trial

VPN Provider: AzireVPN Speed test server: Stockholm – NORDUnet A/S. As you can see below, the speed test results are a bit over 400 Mbit/s both downlink and uplink. (regular ISP speed ca. 950 / 950 Mbps) At the same time while testing the max speed with, the CPU was working up to 100%, using both cores simultaneously. With the shutdown of DNS I resolved the swiss privacy foundation old DNS and found that it currently resolves to an IP address I have not tested whether that is an actual DNS server or what it resolves to since there is no official record on DNS related web sites/lists of that IP (read: I could DNS Server is an essential component when it comes to inter connecting networks. Its importance is also critical in cloud based networks. So its value stands for Azure Cloud and more specifically for Azure Virtual Network. DNS Server within an Azure Virtual Network enables in name resolution and interconnecting of virtual machines. FQDNs don't work either. Yes, the DNS of the virtual network points to the dns/domain controller as registered in Azure. The domain controller is the only VM - I'd like to join my laptop to that domain through the VPN which I think works fine but let me know otherwise. Jul 25, 2020 · Aside from that, it could also protect your connection from IP and DNS leaks. This VPN service provider is very transparent to its clients as you could inspect its technical specs and stats on their website. They allow up to 5 devices connected simultaneously. 3. AzireVPN. AzireVPN supports IPv6 fully. Apr 23, 2020 · AzireVPN is probably the only VPN provider that physically co-locates their own hardware to datacenters for every location they offer themselves. They travel to the place with the hardware i.e. the diskless VPN servers to setup it in a rack or provided space. This kind of effort is unmatched in the whole industry. Kudos to AzireVPN! May 09, 2020 · Based in Sweden, AzireVPN provides a simple and straight-forward service which we found very refreshing.The service is owned by the company Nessla AB, a small IT company providing webdesign, programming and server administration services.

Jun 24, 2020 · The perfect VPN will have IPv6 compatibility, DNS leak protection, the latest version of OpenVPN and the ability to bypass transparent DNS proxies. A VPN kill-switch is another critical part of your VPN client. It will continuously monitor your network connection and make sure that your true IP address is never exposed in the event of a dropped

AzireVPN Encryption & Protocols Information. AzireVPN uses three primary tunneling protocols; OpenVPN, IPSec, and WireGuard.Both of these protocols are further strengthened via an AES-256-GCM (OpenVPN 2.4) and AES-256-CBC (OpenVPN 2.3) with RSA with 2048-bit key for authentication.

Jul 08, 2020 · IP Leak Test for AzireVPN. No IP or DNS leaks were detected when I connected to the server in Canada. However, I’ve noticed some suspicious IP addresses while checking the UK and the USA servers of AzireVPN.

Apparently, "AzireVPN" provides a free and unlimited plan for anonymous WireGuard VPN access, as they are (according to their website) testing this technology on a larger scale. I tested it myself with a 100MBit/s home uplink, and there seems to be genuinely no bandwidth limitation on their side. You can't use public DNS Services to provide DNS name resolution for Windows Azure Virtual Network. So here is your solution. You must start "Clean" because you cannot change DNS Server IP Address once VNet has running Virtual Machines in it. Create the VNet as usual (and its subnets) Provide DNS Server address.